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Hi all,  Currently working on my website and I want to keep a clean look. I have a couple items that are sold out and I want to keep the sold out tag for those items. I also have products that are on sale, and I only want to keep the cross out price,...
This does not keep the sold out tag. Any way to fix this? 
Can you show me step by step how to do that please? I tried to create the condition for "country not equal to United States" but couldn't find it.
Hello all,  I previously used Market Pro to handle international orders but I recently stopped due to long process of getting paid. Market Pro automatically tag each orders that are international with "globale" and international orders don't have tha...
Hi all,  Currently editing my website and I would like to remove the cents on the price, For example, it's $50.00, I just want to be $50.  Also, is there any way to remove the home page on Dawn theme? So it can go straight to the ALL COLLECTION page ...
Hi all,  So I successfully remove the sale tag on the collection page but I cannot find a way to remove the blue sale tag on the main page for the product itself. Any help? My page is if you guys need it.I attached the picture on the...
It worked but it only removed the price, not the name. I guess I didn't specify the name lol
Hi,  I currently customizing my website to my best liking and I am trying to remove the price showing on product page on mobile. I have successfully able to do it on desktop but not mobile. Please help.  For references below. 
as expect, didn't work as well 
didn't work neither 
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