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I’m having the same problem! Just started today! I have been on chat with a couple of different advisors and they keep assuring me that I’m the only one having this problem!!! I’m so glad to see your comment and know that I haven’t gone insane!!! 
It just started this week, it has never done it in the past!
I'm having the same problem!! Has anyone helped you with this issue?? It's very frustrating!!!
The text and images are the correct size when you pull it up as a customer… It’s only my admin page!
Why did my Display size shrink on my shopify admin page? Just happened an hour ago! Was there some kind of update?
My Shopify is selling products that are Out of Stock!! Track Quantity is checked. Continue selling when out of stock is NOT checked. There has to be a fix for this!!! I Can't continue to apologize daily and refund customers money!!! I have included a...
Did someone help you find a fix for this?? I'm at my wits ends!! I'm constantly having to write customers emails, give a future discount code and refund them!! 
I am having the same issue!!! It's very frustrating and makes my Boutique look bad that i have to continue to refund customers!!! Did you ever find a fix for this???
Did you ever find out why this is happening and how did you fix it?
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