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Hi guys, the previous code that I applied in order to change the width of the multicolumn on desktop view (code below) is not applying to tablet view. I want my tablet to look like my website as well. For mobile it's already been set so dont need any...
Hi Moeed, your code works when I put it in Base.css. It has been working fine, but I just noticed that the tablet view is corrupted. For the current situation im happy with how the desktop view is but what I noticed is that it's not applying to the t...
Hi Oscoprofessional, the code you provided will override the previous code that i applied in order to change the width of the multicolumn on desktop view. For the current situation im happy with how the desktop view is but what I noticed is that it's...
Hi Oscoprofessional, I would want to remain my current width setting that i've already set for my desktop view. What I noticed is that my current code @media (min-width: 750px) { ul#Slider-template--19422052843839__ed23233f-a886-47db-a7c7-a3fe5696ffe...
I think its due to this code@media screen and (min-width: 749px){ .page-width { max-width: initial; } { width: 33%; } } @media only screen and (max-width:749...
Hi guys, i've adjusted the multicolumn with multiple css code to make it the way i want it to look on mobile and desktop, and they are looking completely fine with 3 columns a row. But when i tried looking through tablet, suddenly the alignment is of...
Hi guys, my desktop has no issue with the slideshow to adapt to first image. However, once I do that my mobile will adapt as well, which I have designed a portrait version of image for my mobile.My mobile page for
Hi im using dawn theme which do not have this function
Hi I would like to only fix my multicolumn for this specific page For desktop view I would want 4 in a row, and for mobile view to be 2 x 2.I've make changes to my homepage multicolumn so I wouldn't want...
Hi guys I would like to ask if its possible for me to change the size of product page price font separately?For Website:I would want my selling price font to be bigger than the slashed price, as it looks a bit too small.While for the mobile: The pric...
Hi your current solution helped to fix the homepage sizing, but the product page pricing will be too big.If possible the size of the font to be by:Product title - BigPrice - mediumcompared/slashed price - small (but slightly bigger than current showi...
Hi guys, im happy with my web view current pricing size that i amended. However the mobile view pricing is just too small, is there any way i can increase the size of the prices for mobile product and homepage only? Website: tac...
Hi guys, im wondering is it possible to change my multicolumn section for DESKTOP ONLY to a single row instead of 2 rows. Where it will show neatly, because currently it's taking up too much space on the desktop. And also it's abit too big, if it's n...
Hi I tried your solution but it didnt change anything  
Hi my multicolumn is looking a bit too big on the desktop where it just fits the whole screen. Is it possible to make it smaller and neater for desktop view? www.fonpintar.myshopify.comPassword: taclau
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