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How can I see the full 15 digit unique gift card code in shopify. I can only the 4 digit code in issue gift card section  and also from API. Please help.
Hi, I have tried the method, it is to get the pricelist. Though it is giving me null value even we have assign value in UI. We want to post the pricelist against a company. Kindly advise.  
Currently we are using the the endpoint "fulfillments.json" to fulfilled shopify orders. As "/orders/{order_id}/fulfillments.json" going to deprecated. URL: <Store_url>/admin/api/2023-01/fulfillments.jsonMethod: POSTBody:{    "fulfillment": {        ...
We are able to Create Company through GraphQL API ( and we add PriceList through Shopify Admin UI, but we want to add PriceList in a Company thorugh API (if any). please advise.
I want to add PriceList in a Company (B2B) through API. Please advise
We already contact support team, they said to contact shopify dev forum, now what to do. We have Shopify Plus Store but we can't access gift cards API. Please advise
I have Shopify Plus store, and 'write_gift_cards' & 'read_gift_cards' permission is give, when I try to GET the gift cards data through GraphQL API it returns 'Access denied for giftCards field.' although all the permission was given. Same issue faci...
I have a created 1 company in Shopify B2B through GraphQL API, it is possible to create company with Price List?I create company in Shopify Admin UI and add price list manually, but I want to add price list using GraphQL API.I want to add or update p...
Hi Team, We are facing issue while trying to create a trransaction against an order. We have allowed the all the admin api permissions, but still we are unable to create the transaction through API.  P.S. The get transaction is working fine. kindly c...
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