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Hello, I have managed to change the gift card image displayed in the Gift Card email notification.However when I tested/preview the email, when the 'View Gift Card' button is pressed, I still see the old image as below (just above the QR code).  How ...
Thank you. The code snippet impacts all pages, however I would only like the header to be transparent on the home page. Thanks
Please see photo.Thanks!
Unfortunately not, as that also impacts all other elements that reference that colour.
Hi, as per the question, I am referring to the 'Sale' badge below.I would like to change the backgound to red and make it a cirle shape.Thanks!
Hello, I would like to change the Dawn theme price font as described.Both on the home page and category pages.I am using the standard Dawn theme.Thanks!
I removed the 'h1' and it worked. Not sure why.Maybe h1 was defined elsewhere?
This worked well!However, now my small custom CSS snippet to reduce the product name font size (on the product page) in the base.css file doesn't work. Any idea what happened?  .product__title h1 { font-size: 24px; } 
Can someone recommend a theme with the feature mentioned? I'm currenyl using the Dawn theme and and long form description text/images gets squashed into the right side frame/panel.
Hi Paul, That code snippet works, however how do I hide the native product Dawn Theme product description which is present in the right hand column? Thanks!
Hi, the site is still under development, so I can't share publicly.However the theme is 100% default Dawn theme.
Hello, I am usng the Dawn theme.I would like to relocate the search to just underneath the header logo and ensure the search field always remains visible. I see this feature in the Dawn roadmap but there is no eta.Anyone have a CSS snippet to achieve...
Hi. It's a customer demo site. Not live as yet.However, a screenshot of the inspected code is below.Is that what you are after?
Hello, Within the Dawn theme, I'm not sure why there is no option to hide/show the preview text from a blog article.When using the Blog widget on the home page, is there any way to hide/disable the Blog main text from showing? 
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