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As to raise some more attention, I'd just like to chime in on this feature request - and it would be absolutely marvelous if this change, should it come to the Admin UI (which likely uses the API anyway), could also be reflected in the POS app for cr...
Hey there, I'm afraid not, we have to go the JavaScript way. What I did:Somewhere below the {{ content_for_header }} line in theme.liquid (or, if you don't want to meddle in your theme's code, create a "Custom Liquid" block in your header or footer s...
Same issue here with "Studio" theme v12, all .js asset files untouched - so there's definitely a divergence on Shopify's side regarding the CDN's target version and the ES version used by (at least some) themes officially provided/maintained by Shopi...
I know I'm a grave digger here, but since this thread has never actually been resolved, I thought I'd drop this here just in case someone stumbles across it: It's the quotation marks. If you look closely, all form fields have the proper, simple "doub...
I guess it's floating around in the feature request list still. There is an app which acts as a drop-in replacement for Shopify's customer login area and offers the feature for customers to change their e-mail addresses themselves - and has an overal...
It appears that the cookie has now a different structure/format since version 2.x. I tweaked my code a little, based on deciphering the cookie content and Shopify's trekkie.storefront.abababababa...js:    cookies = Object.fromEntries(document.cookie....
@EmmanuelFlossie wrote:shopify_DE_{{}}_{{product.selected_or_first_available_variant}}Short addition, since I just stumbled over this: It's {{}}Otherwise, the variable returns the text "ProductV...
Hey everyone, since there's no hint in the docs that this is doable, I'm afraid I'll have to live with a No, but maybe there's some undocumented possibility to achieve this:Is it possible to get the state of the Consent API in Liquid as well? I want ...
I second that inquiry - it's not a dealbreaker for us yet, but definitely a completely unnecessary obstacle. Especially @TimothyD's arguments about validation are most important here.
I know this is an old thread, but I found it on Google page 1 when searching for a solution to this, so I thought I'd share my solution. I parsed the cookie with JavaScript this way: cookies = Object.fromEntries(document.cookie.split('; ').map(v=>v.s...
Hey Emmanuel, thank you very much for the comprehensive guide, that'll perfectly do!
Hey Emmanuel, thanks, I was already considering that. Could you (or anyone for that matter) provide me with some information how to do this the right way? As far as I can tell, the Google Channel app also places some conversion events inside the chec...
Hey everyone, I've run into a fairly odd phenomenon:I set up the Google Channel app with my store, went through all the steps and everything looks fully set up both in my Shopify and the corresponding Google account/service profiles (Ads, Merchant..)...
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