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No, sadly it’s not.
Yes, my upgrade has finally gone live, it uses the Booqable app and Stripe Payments which allows me to charge at a later time...there are limits to this but it is far better than having the customer charged a bond, paying Shopify their fee then havi...
Hey there folksI DO have something to report.  I have engaged a local tech firm to code an add on to my site that will bypass shopify payments and go direct to stripe AND.....wait for it....use Stripes ability to take an 'authorisation' on a customer...
Nick, do you have any insight into if Shopify are even considering this as an option within Shopify?Thanks for you help.
@jcastro What is your store please?  Id like to see how you have used this app.Appreciate your help! 
@twobob thanks for your post.  Very informative.  The banks here in NZ have reduced their credit card fees and yet Shopify has decided to increase theirs from 2.7% to 2.9%.  There has been no response on this topic despite a lot of chat in these foru...
@Kiziaiaid @ricsie @DKusters Shopify are now increasing their credit card fee from 2.7% to 2.9%.  No specific reason given.  Im in NZ and the banks have just REDUCED their credit card makes no sense an Shopify dont seem to want to engage wi...
@gre You are a Shopify Partner right......does this mean you have any insight as to IF Shopify actually has adding a Credit Card surcharge on their radar?Plus Shopify is increasing their fees from 2.7% to 2.9% despite the banks here in NZ reducing th...
Heartily agree. C’mon Shopify, have a listen to your customers please. We need: The ability to add a credit card surcharge. The ability to take a credit card ‘hold’ for rental companies.  Sooner would be better please Shopify!
Hi EliasWhy cant Shopify just let those of us with rental companies take a credit card 'hold'.  Ive started to use BookThatApp and it's an absolute pain.  Customers can remove the bond at checkout then at the end of the rental period we have to manua...
Hi ShopifyIt would be great to see some traction on this, we need it.  There are many posts on this dating back 2019 but no response from Shopify.Please give us a realistic update.Thanks in advance.
C'mon Shopify, this is all over the shopify community and is a must have.  When are you going to offer this?
Hi DonWhy has this not had any movement since May 2021?  There are 1000's of Shopify sites that need this.  I just had my 2 websites transferred to Shopify from Wordpress and I am so disappointed in the expense of apps, lack of functionality that Im ...
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