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Hi - is it possible to permanently delete a tag?  We have a tag called 'Trade' which we do not require and would like to remove it from Shopify to avoid confusion.  I cannot find anywhere to permanently remove it?Thanks 
Hi, how do I remove the strikethrough price from the product grid (shown on photo).We need to retain the value in the compare-at price field as this is used on the product page.  We just want to remove it from the product grid. Thanks
Perfect!  Thank you!!
Hi I am trying to reduce the height of the image banner on mobile.   I have managed to reduce it on desktop but the solutions I have tried for mobile do not seem to work.Can anybody help please?Thank you   
Hello How can I adjust the internal padding of a multicolumn item - I want to reduce the padding of the sections shown in red on the screenshot.Thank you
Hello We pass our product data to shopify via our central ecommerce platform.  We have a custom field with a numerical value which is the order we'd like the products displayed in.Currently this system works fine on our Magento website but we'd like ...
@ExpertRookie that worked!! THANK YOU
Hello yes, but we would only like to display the part number before the #
Hi @GemPages URL is
Hello.We have part numbers which contain hashtag, like this:  RRP584#Sport We only want to display the part number up to the hashtag, we don't want anything including and after the hashtag to be displayed, like this: RRP584 We display the part number...
Hi, we have a large list of collections we would like to import to our shopify store, but we cannot see the import option - it appears to be missing. There are import/export options showing on products but not on collections. Thanks! 
Fixed - thank you!
Hi - password is removed now, thanks
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