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Hi All, We would like to in product pages hide the product variants which have a certain condition for specific customer group, or at least restrict that group of customers to purchase them. We have installed an app which can automatically update the...
Hi, I would like to customize the order confirmation email by showing the fulfilment location of that SKUs under the variants text. The closest code I have learnt is by adding  {% for line_item in line_items %} {% assign fulfillment_location = line_i...
Hi, Thank you for your reply. I thought of this workaround as well but it is not ideal. Putting everything into 1 collection is not the way we want to show customers which items are in stock. Basically we would like to have the following functions: 1...
Hi, we have the exact same issue. Did you figure out how to do so?
So I guess if I am not familiar not the script/code, I am not able to do it on myself?
Hi Guleria, Thank you. Now I know that I have to write a code in the Custom CSS part, but what should I write? Thank you. 
Hi, thank you for your reply. How can I make the section conditional?
I am using the theme Dawn 10.0 and in each product page, I would like to add some images specifically for each product in the template using metafield. The way I used was to create a Collage section in the template and using metafield so that differe...
Can anyone try to help me? Thank you.
Hi there, I was able to change some of my dropdown menu items in the navigation bar displaying 3 columns by the code in the accepted solution in the following post: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/dawn-theme-multi-column-drop-down-menu...
Hi All, I would like to see how can I displaying the shipping phone number in the customer order page? I tried to add a code {{ address.phone | format_address }}or {{ order.phone | format_address }}  right under the code {{ order.shipping_address | f...
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