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It currently looks like this:    I would like the image to be the same as this, in terms of width, height and placement: URL for this screenshot: Thank you  
I'm sorry this doesn't work 
I'm sorry, this didnt work. This is the code as of now: {{ 'section-multicolumn.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ 'component-slider.css' | asset_url }}" media="print" onload="'all'"><noscript>{{ 'component...
i activate this section on the site: same password.
The buttons are not active, does anyone have a solution to this? Thank you
Please help with adding a 'LEARN MORE' button for each column in Multicolumn section.  Currently I have this:       And I want it to look like this:          Thank you. Link: https://kfhkg0ouanjj983j-68790550809.shopifypreview.comPassword: teagau
Hi @BSS-Commerce here's the updated link: Thank you
I'd like to add a custom background image on multicolumn - similar to the one below:   Thank you! URL: https://39o7xea6sanmy82v-68790550809.shopifypreview.comCode: teagau
Hi, I'm trying to change the font of the heading of the slideshow ONLY. I don't want to change the font of any other heading nor body across the theme. The font I'd like to add is Honeywell Sand Black. URL: https://39o7xea6sanmy82v-68790550809.shopif...
I meant to say:heading text first row in redheading text second row in white  Not the subheading. 
sorry i meant, first row  (of the heading text) in red, and second row in white. 
Thank you - how do i make the heading in red and white? so first word is in red and the second word in white.  I change the margins to 0 but the text is still not aligned to the left side of the logo. Password: teagau Thank you
I have few problems: 1. I'm trying to move the positioning of the heading and sub-heading text on the homepage, so it's left-aligned to the logo. This option is not available in the customization setting.  2, I want to the heading text colour to be r...
Hi could anyone help to create a form with conditional logic. If a customer chooses a particular country (through a drop down menu), then a message would show. If they choose a different country, a different message would show.  This is what I have i...
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