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I don't think I need that or think its necessary to share that right now
Good Morning everyone,I was wondering what is the best Way to change the font size/boldness/length of the text for the title of a product.Thank you if you respond 
Im working on it right now, I will let you know. 
Hello,I was wondering if anyone knew a way to add a PDF for a product. I am looking for add PDFs for some individual products. 
Neither of these apply. We sell kitchen equipment and have a basic plan. Thanks
I am setting up payment for my store and Shopify payments is not listed as an option? I am in the United States?Please help me know what the deal is. Thanks
as in keep what is in the drop down but make it not a drop down thank you
only remove the accordianthank you 
Hello,I was wondering if anyone could help me with something. The collapsable menus on the side of the parts on the Dawn theme, I was wondering how you make those standard and not an accordian? 
I am looking to display if the current product is in stock or not. I have seen some for have had it so it displays the number of products, I am however just trying to display whether it is in stock or not. I am using the Dawn theme.Thank you
Where should i put this code?
Hello,I was wondering how people get the SKU number listed under the product description. Thank you for reading
Hello,I have some metafield values in my products on my shopify store. Is there any way to make the products show up in the search bar for them? I wrongly assumed this was something Shopify had built into it.
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