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It's super weird, but you can find some details in this thread: https://community.shopify.com/c/customers-discounts-and-orders/how-to-update-credit-card-details-in-shopify-via-api-or-sdk/td-p/2092991tl;dr there's an undocumented endpoint you need to ...
It looks like there's a `replacementBehavior` field you can put in the billing config
Yeah a BillingAttempt could be used to bill $0 for a prepaid subscription, it's really more of a DoThingPerTermsOfSubscriptionContract action than an actual bill.
I've also had this problem creating BillingAttempts after changing the price of a product after purchasing a subscription during testing. I.E. the price of my product was $0.00 for testing, changed it to $12.99 for testing, and now I'm having this er...
Yeah this is kind of an existential problem for any React app! The real issue is that the admin token used needs to be guarded, since it is a secret. If it's used client side in a request, then anyone sniffing the network in a coffee shop where the m...
Hi @Liam , I think the issue here is with how App Bridge is handling the current URL:https://shopify.dev/docs/api/app-bridge-library/reference/navigation-menuSince it's within the `<ui-nav-menu>` component it should have the active state set by App B...
Yeah to troubleshoot this, I would check:Is the app installed on your production store, with a version deployed that uses your delivery customization extension? Dev stores can view work in progress versions of functions, and so you need to deploy a n...
Great! Yeah one thing that tripped me up as well with trycatch -- `console.log()` prints to STDOUT, whereas with errors you need to print to STDERR which is `console.error()`.So if you're printing to STDOUT you're basically silencing the errors!
Since I posted that, Shopify seems like they pushed an update to allow you to create instances of Delivery Customizations via the dashboard, so basically what I did with the GraphQL app, but with a UI instead. So to answer your question, the GraphQL ...
I had this issue when I was creating an extension-only custom app for delivery customization -- and I solved it!!Basically, when you create an extension, you're declaring a function like you would in JavaScript. But just like in JS, declaring a funct...
Also looking for this, since for our CMS editors, they perceive changing the "focal" point as the "center".It'd be awesome to have "focal" as a separate crop option
I'm also having this issue with the ProductVariants query! The weird thing for me is that sometimes the query seems to work in the GraphQL explorer app, but not for my GraphQL Client.@ShopifyDevSup 
We had this issue today, it seems like something broke in the latest CLI release 3.46.2, and the Liquid compiler is using an incorrect path for the asset_url filter. We solved this by downgrading our CLI to 3.45.x via npm. Chaos engineering at its fi...
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