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Hey @Liqiud_xPert_SJ you forgot to insert the code
I would like it to go the product page, but if not possible without an app, I would live with only showing the names.
Hi,I would like to show the size variants below the product image on the collection view and product grid. I have seen a few stores have it but not sure how it is done. view my store something like the example below.  
thanks for that it does work, but prevents me from switching images within the slideshow.  before you could swipe left or right to swap the image now have to use the pagination buttons.
I have a slideshow on my home page, on mobile when trying to scroll past it the image moves around and the page does not scroll. see my site here any help appreciated.
Hi @PageFly-Noah , Not sure how to give a link to my unpublished site page please click shop brands...see image below Worked it out...Thanks
Hi, I have a collection list on my Brands page for my site, I would like to have 3 or 4 columns on mobile view.  I would like to achieve this in the custom css section so it doesn't mess with my other collection lists. I am using Dawn theme version 1...
Hi I have added some custom css to my base.css file to change the look of my collection list on the homepage.I am using the current dawn theme 13.0.1 website is This is the outcome I want;  But on IOS the css seems to get ignored and it...
just some further notes seems to work on Samsung but not Google Pixel or Apple
Hi @Raj-webdesigner  Sorry to disturb you again but for some reason it is not working on mobile device.I ended up with this code, in the preview it is as expected.  But when published and on mobile back to the original as if the code does not exist. ...
Thanks @Raj-webdesigner 
Hi @Raj-webdesigner Thanks that has worked how I want it.Sorry for the additional question how can i remove the -> at the end of the text.  And also if I want to change the style (bold) or colour of the text can that be implemented there somehow?
Hi, On my home page i have a collection list; I would like to put the text in the center of the image and keep the entire image clickable. I have found some ways of doing it but only the text remains clickable not the entire image and the examples on...
Hi @Elsie-L,With that solution can you click the image or only the text??Thanks
Hi @KabirDev,I tried this solution on Dawn 13 but the image then becomes non clickable only the Text.  Do you have a solution so we can click the image?
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