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Hey the issue is simple. I added a video for the product. When adding a product to shopify you can chose to add a video. With that I changed so that the video will start playing automatically with the javascript. Also I added so that the controllers ...
Okey, So I added a video to my product.I then changed the controls to fales in the product thumbnail liquide file. That removed the controls from the video as I want. I then put a javascript inside the themes.liquide file to make the vide auto play b...
Hey , thank you for the answer.I know basic coding and logics so on. Exactly what you are telling me is what I want to do. With either the alt text or file name to be displayed etc. Issue I have now is to find where and how the images are rendered fo...
I want to change the product images based on the customers langauge selected.Reason is that some of the product images has text on them. I want to show the correct image for the correct users with their language selected. I have 2 languages only. Eng...
Hello,Im trying to make an ingredient page for our food truck. With that I made a Metaobject for each product.Example: Ketchup, Mustard, etc etc.And inside beside that I made another metaobject with the different allergies that the ingredients might ...
The list is not giving any output with that. I found same online and tried it before  <div class="tour-list-cont"> <h2>Rökarn on tour - Sverige Turné!</h2> <p style="color: #00aaff;"> OBS! Truck 1 står mellan 1:e Sep - 1:e Okt i Öreb...
So I made some metaobjects with some inputs. See images. The issue I have is that the outputs are not in order for each date. How can I make the for loop to put out each row after the dates in order? From oldest to newest date?<div class="tour-list-c...
Hello,Thats the thing. I cannot access files in edit code for the checkout footer.I think its pushed from the shopify side. I have done coding in edit code a while and know what you are talking about. the ifram is in the checkout footer, at the check...
Hello, I found that its an ifram that pop the screen :<iframe src="https://mywebsite.com/69507285281/policies/terms-of-service.html?locale=en-SE" title="Terms of service" class="u2pextt _1fragem3y _1fragem3v _1fragem41 _1fragem3s _1fragemaz _1fragema...
Hello,I just noticed why people leave the checkout. On phone when you open the link in the footer for policy,refund,terms,contact the popup with information can't be scrolled on.It's like the scroll is working on the page behind.Because I can see on ...
I see nothing in the feed and nothing in the products. I added manually my own step by step.. So Im missing the CONTENT API feed from shopify app :S
Hello,So I had issue with Google Merchant so I deleted my FEED. I had like 250+ products (1 product for different countries).Well now I uninstalled the app, tried to log in again to restart the process for the API to make a new feed and sync my produ...
Hello,I did this but I cannot get it to work. I guess that the JS script is written so that the classes for where to show the output is wrong. Can you help me?  
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