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Bio: I help luxury ecommerce brands increase sales by building video-driven Shopify websites that reduce confusion and increase conversions.

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Hi CandTel88, Good question. We don't specifically recommend any AI software presently. I know the software is getting a lot of attention and is really exciting to some people but a lot of people are using it in ways that we feel are too broad. We us...
Hi Mussty, As such a tightly geographically locked business, your situation is very different than a lot of the other merchants in this thread.  To answer your question, there are a few things you should focus on:Google My Business: This is easily th...
Hi Megan32, Thanks so much for the warm feedback. I think we all move in and out of the "throwing spaghetti" phase as our businesses grow. To answer your question, I always prefer to focus on hard metrics such as site visits, and conversions. As Matt...
Hi CandTel88, I can weigh in on this. We aren't seeing TikTok trends declining but to be honest, TikTok has never really been on our radar. For most businesses, chasing trends is expensive and ineffective so we prefer to invest in more long-term stra...
Hi Rexa, Those are some really big questions! There is no hard and fast rule on how much you need to spend to get decent traffic. We typically recommend $1000/mo at the absolute minimum for paid advertising if you are going to use paid ads as part of...
Hi Devon15, Great question. We're very familiar with the furniture market. In terms of marketing channels, we always recommend doing more of what works. Since socials are already pushing most of your traffic into your physical locations, you know whi...
Hi FleuRias, Dropshipping is really tough. Since you don't control the product, you need to find other ways to set your company apart from the competition. The main things you can do to stand out in this space are to build a long-term brand that look...
Hi PhilTulz,Great question and good assumptions. We always recommend budgeting both time and money. If your money budget is small or nonexistent right now, your time budget has to be a lot bigger to make up for it.As a new merchant, you're likely bei...
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