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Oh damn! Thank you, Richard! Really appreciate the time you took to crit my layout. I'm going to for sure do everything you suggested. Just need to figure out how to mess with the custom page layout options.I don't even know why I can't see were the ...
Sweet Lights Candles Ta da!! I've done it! I've finally got my candle store front up and running. Took a while to figure out some Shopify customization buttons, but I think I got the basics down. Can I get some crit on my products and layout? I took ...
Hello! I'm reading your reply too, SA2, and I was wondering if you still think FB ads is the way to go considering the decline of the social platform as a hole. Do you think it's still worth it regardless? I always felt FB ads were so...lame. Thought...
Hello there! I'm new to all this selling stuff myself but I do know a little about design and user friendly layouts. Here are some things that I notice when looking at your page.1- Your main page's attention grabbing photo is blurry (although it is c...
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