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Still nothing from Shopify on this unfortunately. I have sent a tweet to someone I follow who works for Shopify so maybe if we can get some more responses to it then it may get some traction - 
We just did two things that got this to stop.1. Under the Online Store node we chose - Preferences. At the bottom there is an option to Enable "Google reCAPTCHA on login, create account and password recovery pages". We enable this.2. We went to Edit ...
Hi Jocelyn,We ended up opening the section from the account/register page in code (in the theme) and blocked the form components and that seems to have resolved the issue for us.  Let me know if I can help you with that.
Hi @MiestoGo , Did you ever find a solution to this issue? We are experiencing the same problem in our store. I thought I found the solution of disabling the form in the Classic Account creation but we are still seeing accounts be created.
If you run this in the GraphiQL app you will see all of your customer tags whether they have ever been used or not. {shop {customerTags(first:250){edges{node}}}} It would be nice to have a simple mutation that just let us delete one of these  (even i...
We have this same issue in our store. Would really like to know if anyone gets a resolution to it. I tried chatting with support but I don't think the agent really understood the issue.
Recently we are seeing that when orders are fulfilled with our 3rd party shipping companies (Stallion and GoShippo) that the fulfillment ends up split. This results in 2 fulfillment lines per order and causes issues when printing packing slips due to...
We have certain items that customers order/purchase that don't require shipping. We have changed the packing slip code to hide these items from appearing however we always get a blank page printed. It appears that the default behaviour for the packin...
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