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Hi Dialluredazzle,  There is actually a new theme available called Creative that allows you to make variants and other buttons on the site rounded, in fact, it allows you to choose just how rounded you would like them! Here's an example from the them...
Hi Petsandus22,  Yep this would certainly be an odd choice of image and link to show your customers! This sounds like a browser caching issue, have you tried clearing the cache?  If you are using chrome, you can find the steps to clearing the cache b...
Hi Rob,  Congrats on starting the new store, it's a big one! I'm sure huge amounts of effort went into developing it. Do you have any marketing strategies in place at the moment? Or any idea of how you would like to market it?  Brian
Hi Dizzyknight,  Congrats on the store, it looks great! I agree with GerWalk on the point about TikTok, I think your customer base may be elsewhere. TikTok has a reputation for getting you lots of views, however, it often does not translate into conv...
Hi Vicbby,  Congrats on starting your next website for your family business! That's great to hear. My advice here would be to invest in a premium theme that will allow you to tell the story of your family business in a more suitable way and display y...
Hi Christy,  Choosing a new theme is always an exciting time! You have however come across one of the challenges, which is that any code customizations, including app installations need to be implemented on the new theme. The good news is that most t...
Hi ASSUCrytal,  What a pain, sorry to hear that this is happening. Have you taken the steps with Shopify's legal department to have the site taken down? This is assuming that the fraudulent website is being run through Shopify of course. I'll link yo...
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