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Similar to Diego's awesome response, but this is how I did it...1. In your Shopify Admin go to online store > themes > click three dots > edit default theme content2. Click on the Blogs tab.3. Scroll down and edit content. 
Prebuilt, using this tutorial. Thank you!  
Hi! Thank you for the help. Here is the liquid file for the slider section: <div class="page-width {{ section.settings.section_css_class }}"> {{ 'section-image-banner.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} {{ 'component-slider.css' | asset_url | styles...
Oh weird. I tried to link to it. If you scroll down to the footer and click Press 2, you will see it on that page!
Once I updated to Dawn 12, this no longer works.Any idea why this might be or what I need to change?Website: demoThank you!!
Hi! I added this new section to my Dawn theme with the following code. I would like the text to be across the page when the page is loaded rather than starting on the right. Would love help on how to do this? Thank you!! {%- if section.blocks.size >...
Hi! I updated my Dawn theme from 5 to 12. In doing so, all of my css code for the slideshow section placed in my custom.css file no longer show up. (One thing to note, in the slideshow section, I added the ability to create a css class, so when you a...
Thank you, all!!! Yes, I just need to remove the z-index 
Hi! I am customizing the outline button in the Dawn theme. It's functioning as I hoped, except the text seems to be hidden on hover. Would love help! Thank you! https://charlie-theme.myshopify.compassword: demo My code:a.button.button--secondary {bor...
Hi! I have customized the Dawn theme. I want to refer to the Background Color 2 in my custom.css file, and have it change accordingly whenever the user changes it from the Theme Editor. Any tips on how to do this? I have tried the following, but it d...
Thank you SO much!!! Worked like a dream 
Hi! I have customized the dawn theme. I have hardcoded colors in a custom.css file, but I want to be able to change it from the user side. Any tips on how would I add an additional color "Accent 3" under Theme Settings > Colors?  I have several speci...
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