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Bio: Transforming Traditional Baazars in Big Cities Into Managed Marketplaces

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Thanks Skye. But more concerned with ensuring that these incidents:1. Appear in our reports2. Are deducted from our profits. 3. Are deducted from our revenue. 4. Appear as a Loss / Theft In the platform as a form of a report. 
A lot of our large customers pay in partial payment (based on credit terms) for their delivered orders. Right now we have to use our finance to manage the payments but would love it to be part of the Shopify Platform itself.  Q. How can we make it ea...
That's great but what's the solution. 
We employ various tracking methods, ranging from basic riders to multiple courier companies, to dispatch orders to our customers. Managing the multitude of order IDs and corresponding Tracking IDs becomes cumbersome, especially considering the persis...
What if my courier companies are not supported? 
We encountered a distinctive challenge recently when parcels, dispatched correctly from our warehouse, were inexplicably 'lost' by the courier during transit, never reaching the intended customers. These parcels were 'Prepaid' and meant we had to at ...
We work with a lot of vendors who often don't have Hotlinked Images to give to us. It's not even 1 or 2 products. It's 100s of products per vendor which the team will than have to upload manually.  As per our current process: 1. Vendors provide hi-re...
This has started happening this week. Everytime i manually create an order, Shopify Orders Page is showing 'NO CUSTOMER' in the 'Customer' Field. This is despite the fact i have inputted the name properly.  
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