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You can store the variable as a metafield then retreive that metafield in liquid.
I would head on over to your shopify admin > online store > preferences and see if you have password enabled with "restrict access to visitors with the password" 
When you query with GraphQL you receive a list of all staff that have been on your store. This includes staff you have removed or are inactive. While the Shopify admin only show active staff.  
Of course! Typically, using a callback in the server setup without direct access to the admin object for a GraphQL call requires setting up or importing the necessary Shopify admin API client within the callback function. This setup often involves ma...
CallbackUrl specifies where Shopify sends webhook payloads, essentially defining the endpoint in your application that handles incoming webhook data. The logic within /webhooks route then processes this data, such as updating app subscriptions.Callba...
Hello again! Um, this one might be a little harder, so here is an function a wrote a little bit ago that does work with other discounts. // @TS-check import { DiscountApplicationStrategy } from "../generated/api"; /** * @typedef {import("../generat...
You are welcome! Glad I could help! Any other questions feel free to ask!
You should receive it on the response when you create it or you will have to query it. {discounts(first: 5) {edges {node {idtitle}}}}   
The infinite loop in your checkout extension is likely happening because applyShippingAddressChange triggers a state update, causing the component to re-render, which then calls applyShippingAddressChange again and so on. To prevent this, ensure that...
I 2024-02 Still shows external URLs are usable:   originalSource String! required The original source of the media object. This might be an external URL or a staged upload URL.  Try something like this:  mutation { productCreate(input: { title:...
Try using discountAutomaticAppUpdate: { discountAutomaticAppUpdate( id: "gid://shopify/DiscountNode/YOUR_DISCOUNT_ID_HERE", automaticAppDiscount...
DO you have any logs or anything for us to look at to possible solve this? It would be rather difficult without seeing logs or code.
When you create a product via the REST API, the response should include the product's ID and other details. Ensure that the API call to create the product is successful and returns a valid response and the CORRECT product ID. If the product creation ...
This is the cause of the error, try commenting unstable_newEmbeddedAuthStrategy again
Try adding a custom return url so you redirect to a "confirm page" or even your app billing/home page. export const loader = async ({ request }) => { const { billing } = await authenticate.admin(request); await billing.require({ plans: [ONE_...
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