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Thank you for your reply.Unfortunately, I have trued both apps you suggested but my store speed remain the same. 
Genius ! thank you SO much !!!!
Hi, I'm using Dawn Theme, so I don't have a folder name: /theme.cssWhere can I add your code instead?Thanks in advance 
Thank you Richard. I have changed some stuff you recommended as I liked your ideas Please advice which app can I use for improve the speed page? any GOOD Free app available?Thanks!
Hi everyone!I have launched a new store about 2 weeks ago but haven't got enough traffic or sales so far. Can you please help me - visit my store at and let me know what you think and what can I do to have more views and ...
Hi @Litos I don't know what happen but I see those quick payments icons again!! although the code you sent me is still there.Can you please help?
Thank you so much @harivishwakarma!you are superstar!!!!!can you help me set the border to the same colour (instead of black) please?? 
Can anyone help?? It's urgent, just launched my shop !! Any suggestion why it happened?Any suggestion to code??? Thanks in advance !
Unfortunately not working
Hello, I have changed my Sale badge to Red but suddenly it changed back to black!I don't know how it happened and what can I do to change it back to red.My currently code is: .badge {background: #FF6242 !important;border-color: #FF6242 !important;} B...
@Litos works like magic! Thank you very much !!!
@SmallTask I'm familiar with Editing Coding I will appreciate if you have code for it and where should I add it to ? Thanks 
Hi all,is it possible to remove these quick checkout icons from the checkout page? I do like to have the option to pay with these but just don’t like the appearance of them on that page.  Here’s a picture to clarify my question:   Thanks in advance!
@suyash1  I can't change the number.
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