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Salve, ho aggiunto delle immagini al mio e-commerce e da quel momento non riesco più a visualizzare il sito, mi esce sempre questo errore qua, come posso risolvere? Il sito è  
Hi, I would like to know how can I hide the header and footer in my password page, I would like to do it like trikko has.The theme I have installed is the sense, my website is
CAn you explain me how? I usually use wordpress, in shopify i don't know where i need to go to this
Good morning, I would need some help since I have no idea how to do it on shopify, I wanted to close the store and give the possibility for people to enter it only by password but in addition I wanted to add a waitlist where the people can give email...
I know this but i want change the "Bank account for incoming credits" to my account in euro
Hi, I have the store set in euro, but I noticed now that the "Bank account for incoming credits" is put in GBP, I wanted to know if there was a possibility to set it in euro by changing bank account since when I go to "Replace a bank account" it does...
Thank you man!You are the god! \3
Okey, how i can do that?  @PageFly-Victor 
@PageFly-Victor If I put the white bg on shopify there is no problem but I wanted to have those black parts with white font To have a contrast 
Hi @PageFly-Victor!Now work! But the footer, mid page and header is black 
Hi @PageFly-Victor !I copy inside the  </body> but still don't work Maybe in CSS i need to change something?
I put the code here but the result is always the same :(, i think that you can't have 2 different color with this theme 
Hi,I wanted to know if on shopify, there was a possibility to have two different lettering colors.Here attached I leave the photos of the problem.As you can see I need on white background the writings to be black, instead on black background the writ...
I tried your solution as well but it doesn't work 
I tried but it doesn't work 
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