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Shopify advised me that it is something they are working on. To be honest, I don't think they actually are. 
 HelloYou need to add the <script></script> tags around it. <script>setTimeout(function() { window.location.href = ""; }, 2000);</script> 
I believe administrators should have the capability to delete customer accounts, particularly in a testing environment. I have conducted tests with approximately eight customer accounts, due to testing with other apps. Despite the website being in a ...
HelloHoping to find some advice here. I’m looking for a way to collect more information from customers, either when they are ordering or after the checkout process.  we are using Zoho forms and CRM to manage the business, the form will have a bunch o...
Hello Does anyone know of an APP that does an Upfront fee plus a subscription? or Allows the first payment to include the upfront fee with the following payments different? Example: I have products that have a one-time fee and subscription. I need to...
Hi @premadestores  Thanks for this tip. I was wondering if you know how to make it page specific. I am already using the Multicolumn on the home page and like its current size. However, I want to make these smaller on a different page. When I added y...
Hi @SmallTask  First, Thank you for your code to allow others to change their site to allow these images with hyperlinks. Its much appreciated. Regarding the Fix as requested by Tmpex.- This would be super helpful if you added the code here for the ...
Interesting. I just tried in incognito mode. I can't see it either. I guess as long as no one can see it, its an eye sore.  
Hello Related to the Actions button with the Shopify logo.Using DAWN theme.  Can you please help me find a solution to remove an issue I am experiencing where a certain [Admin/Actions] element appears on my website even when I am not logged in as an ...
Thanks, yeah I did see that, it actually looked extremely confusing so I never tried it.  I ended up adding one line to the component-rte.css file and it changed all my bullets in an instant.  .rte ul { list-style: "\1F43E"; }  
Hi, did you ever find out how to do this? Im after this also. If anyone knows that would be great?
@FOP  Can you share with HOW you created your own bullet points? I've just started searching for a solution as I would like to do the same. 
@GemPages It's OK. I managed to work it out. Thank you for your previous assistance. It is much appreciated. I added to the section-blog-post.css file: .article-template .article-template__hero-container { background-color: #413F3D; } .media { opaci...
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