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Its truly terrible. Probably incalculable the amount of lost sales and extra costs that have occurred due to QB and Shopify misleading everyone about the transition. Shop POS is missing even the most basic POS functions, it was seemingly not at all t...
We researched several, none were very good options for what we need and they're expensive.We just continued using QB POS, I already paid for it.You can automate the store exchange easily without using QB services and we just got CC processors. Not id...
We manufacture items, so converting raw materials to finished goods. It doesn't do builds like QB where when you produce the item, it pulls the raw materials from inv. Rather it just tells you what can make with what you have on hand. It was weird fu...
FYI just make sure you do a demo with a rep! We found lightspeed wouldn't work for us. They have 1 product (R series I think) that can do builds etc but can't do fractional qtys. The other version CAN do fractional qtys but the builds don't work like...
We gave up on shopify POS. Looking at other options. Just wish we hadn't purchased the thousands of dollars in new equipment. 
We'll probably end up dropping shopify and QB enterprise after this. 
This is ridiculous. I can't believe they did this a month before holiday sales. We're actually now looking at also replacing QB enterprise for our financial software as well bc if we have to completely start over might as well look at a system that c...
Is shopify going to be adding features to the POS and if so what is the timeline for this? Its not usable in its current state for most QB POS customers and to get it close requires several expensive apps
We're looking into lightspeed now, unfrotunately there's 2 programs.., One does what we need EXCEPT it can't handle fractional qtys. The other can do fractional qtys but lacks other functions we need. Is there nothing out there like QB POS? I want to...
Do we "own" the QB POS software? Could INTUIT shut it off somehow remotely or we can keep using it indefinitely just without support? 
Let me know what you end up using! We're not using shopify.
We've decided not to use shopify POS. It lacks the most basic features of a true POS. W'e're talking to a few different companies about switching and using QB POS w/ 3rd party processing for now. What a disaster this has been.  
Seriously? We need an app to be able to balance and report a drawer count at end of day on BRICK AND MORTAR POS system? This is a disaster shopify!
This is crazy, shopify POS lacks so many basic POS functions and the answer is always "use a 3rd party app." Those apps cost money, every month...I'm not paying thousands of dollars a month to get my POS to work normally. We're looking at other optio...
You're probably going to have to use something like webgility to link your inventory to shopify.If you have all of your items in QB enterprise, you can use that tool to link them to your shopify items so the accts info should transfer (I'm told anywa...
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