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I am trying to setup GTM via custom pixel which I believe is the correct way to install now, this is not without its issues!  However I have followed this tutorial:
I am stuggling with page width on the following pages; And more... I have managed to fix ...
Glad I am not the only one, the problem is there is a tutorial for integration from shopify of GTM and this is not mentioned at all.  Thanks @raghavam for your link I am going to explore this.  Hopefully Shopify can update their tutorial!
Same here what a nightmare... got to say its glad its not just me... sorry 
Unfortunately this doesn't appear to work any more using Dawn 13.0.1.  Any ideas? EDIT: still working was a typo sorry!
{% assign variant_images = product.images | where: 'attached_to_variant?', true | map: 'src' %} <div class="product__title" {{ block.shopify_attributes }}> <h1>{{ product.title | escape }}</h1> <a href="{{ product.url }}" class="product__t...
Thank you, I have tried however getting an issue with formatting see below   
Just had the same error myself in the default install of Dawn 12.0 Have fixed it by moving <summary> and </summary> down one line below the endif's 
I am looking to move the title of my product page (all product page templates) so it take the full width of the screen, opposed to the 1/2 it currently takes.  I have not figured out a way to be able to do this in the design editor for Dawn (12.0) Se...
Thank you so much that worked a treat, thanks for taking the time to write this its really appreciated!
I'm looking to move the product description from its current position on product pages using dawn 12.0 theme. My product descriptions tend to be quite long and this causes a lot of scrolling on the page due to the fact that the product description on...
Thank you this worked!  I take it I should remove the previous bit of code that didn't work from  theme.liquid ?
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked 
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