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Hi, Product images not showing for the many products recently. It started out of sudden. You can see the example error in the attachment. I think many people go through this issue. Is there any solutions for this? Website:
hi @Ishan_Makkar ,Where can i configure DNS settings correctly? There is a redirection but it's .com to for people who are outside of Turkey. I still cannot resolve the problem. Please advise.
Hi @emyabdel77 ,I go through the same problem. We will need to have separete subdomain and it shouldn't redirect to the primary domain. However, I don't understand how you figured out exactly. Could you please help me?
Hi, I've added a subdomain and when I go to the subdomain link: it always redirects it to the Primary domain (subdomain) is a separate page apart from our website where our customers can read the...
Hi @gr_trading What's your app called? Best,
@Ritu-25 ,I see there is arrow in row 141. However, it's not clickable  When I click it nothing dropdown or something. I tried putting at the end of row 146 but I got the same error. I don't know what to do tbh.
@MilesWeb awaiting your help  I think it's related to this area below.  
@Ritu-25 I got this error below  
hey @Ritu-25 ,I think this is the one what we are looking for but I haven't changed anything. Better if you could take a look at this and please tell me what should I change exactly?  
Hi @Ritu-25 ,I couldn't find "product-thumbnail__price" or something like that  When I search similar this I found these in the screenshot below.We use Flex theme 3.0.0 by Out of the SandboxAwaiting your help. 
@Ritu-25 awaiting your reply 
Hi @EasifyApps ,Thanks for the demo. It's coming along for sure! We will use your app for our both websites. Do you have a promotion or something for more than 1 Shopify store? Or we need to purchase for our both stores. Going forward we would like t...
Since I'm not a developer I need to find out where and which row should be changed in the backend. If you could help me in regards of course I will mark it as a solution.Looking forward to your help 
That's perfect! Where can I change the code in the backend exactly, product_liquid or where? Could you please help me in regards as well?
hi @Ritu-25 thanks for your help! where should i insert this code exactly?
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