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Hey guys, Looking to add ratings or stars to my products on the front page. Similar to my screenshot provided here.  Any apps or recommendations? Best suggestion gets accepted. 
Hi Litos, Your solution is exactly what I needed but there may be a minor error in the code as I am not able to save the custom css. The error I get is as referenced in the screenshot below. Thank you so much for the help...
Looking to add a little arrow on the collection as referenced from a different website in the screenshot below. Best response will be accepted as solution and liked, thank you for your time!   
Looking to price text smaller as referenced in screenshot. The shop: Any help will be appreciated and correct solution liked and accepted.  thank you 
This did not work but the picture you sent is exactly how I want it, are you sure you provided the correct instructions?   Thank you for your time
Looking to make this box area smaller as referenced in the screenshot. Too much blank space there, any help is appreciated. 
I would like to add a thin border over my featured collection products. The screenshot below details what I mean by that.   (i added the black border on paint for reference haha)  Forever grateful for your time thank you...
Looking to have the space as referenced in the screenshot below smaller. Bottom and top padding are already at the lowest setting on the collection section editor, looking to make the two collections closer.  Thank you ve...
This indeed takes away the product name and price but makes the collection no longer clickable to the product page. Is there anyway to make it still function. 
Looking to make only the price of product in collection smaller as referenced in the screenshot. Thank you dearly for your help. 
Looking to make the space highlighted in my screenshot smaller. Not the spaces between collection, i've figured that out. Only looking to make the space between the collection and background smaller Your input is greatly...
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