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Hi, thank you so much for replying!  My website is
Hi, my website is fast, but google is not able to identify the LCP. I am getting a No LCP error, that says this: Largest Contentful Paint Error! The page did not display content that qualifies as a Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). Ensure the page has ...
Hi, this was not a solution- the LCP is missing, not slow. Do you know how to fix this? 
Hi, the LCP is missing, not slow. Do you know how to fix this? 
Hi, the LCP is missing, not slow. Do you know how to fix this? 
I am having the same issue, and I feel like no one even read your question. For whatever reason, Google cannot find the image or item that is the Largest Contentful Paint, so it is erroring out. Something in our code isn't indicating the LCP properly...
thank you so much! i had to add !important in the code, but it worked!
Hi Oliver, Moving to the left worked, but I was trying to make the thumbnails larger if you know how to do that. 
Hi Oliver, in place of moving thumbnails to the left, do you know how to enlarge thumbnails to a larger size? I appreciate your help!
Hi Mandasa Tech,  This fix did not work for me. Would you be able to help me understand why ? 
@AvadaCommerce  I also would like help with this question. I am seeing this when i use your code. 
i changed this code (added 2rem) and it moved the text over! i just need help to move the thumbnails..grid__item. -->.grid__item {padding: 0rem 2rem}. 
Oliver! This absolutely worked to move the image to the Left side! Is there any way to add more space between the photo and the description? I put a picture below to show how the image is too close to the text. Also, is there a way to move the thumbn...
Hi Zeno, unfortunately this did not work for me. I also tried to add !important to the code. Maybe I have other code preventing this from working?  
Hi,  The industry standard seem  to be to have the product image on the left side, but dawn theme puts product images on the right side. Could someone tell me how to move the product images to the left side with thumbnails on the left?  THANK YOU!! w...
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