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Hi there, My app is create Draft order and I want to use Discount code with Draft order. How do I show Discount box on Checkout? Or how do I apply discount code by link checkout, exp: [store]/checko...
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Hello everyone,We're currently experiencing an issue with our app's usage of the Draft Order GraphQL API. It seems that the invoiceUrl  is returning null intermittently, resulting in orders not being created correctly. Strangely, after a few hours, e...
Hi @Liam,I used an app and it added some properties with "_". I understand that it doesn't show on checkout page, but I don't want it show on order admin, or it can be removed manually.Do you have any solution to hide it on order admin page? thank yo...
 Hi everyone, I have a app but recently, I don't see Shopify updates tracking time of LCP. It is quite high and there is no instruction about this to make us improve it. What can I do to improve our app ? Thank you so much 
Hi @geobertz,I am facing this issue too. Do you have any solution for this?
Hi @VIEKIN,I can't find this file in theme code, do you have other solution for this?
Hi @Brett_Helium,Does any app can help me customize in new customer account page?
Hi @VIEKIN,I find it in my theme, but not found. Do you know why I don't have it? 
Hi @VIEKIN ,I cannot find this file. I use theme Dawn and that is NEW customer account page. 
I want to customize this page of shopify but I can't find it in my customize theme. How can I customize the new customer account ? Thank you so much  
Hi,I am facing this problem. Our app uses app metafields to storage data with type JSON. But it has limit 2 milion characters. How can I separate data ( > 2 milion character) to storage multiple metafields and get by liquid ?I appreciate any help. Th...
Hi @Nexoria,Yes, this app helps me with my issues and their supporters are very friendly and helpful. You can try it out.
Hello @mikko_salmeniu,Do you have any solution for it? I am facing with the same issue. Pls help me. Thank you
Hi everyone,I customized contact form with multiple fields. When I submit a form, it currently sends and displays fields that customers haven't filled out, such as Company, Ram, Storage, and more. I'd like to enhance this process so that only the fie...
Hi there,Why this store install and upgrade to my plan Pro of our app, it is show expired with Subscription ID different Subscription ID activated? Our app has 14 trial days, when trial ends, it will auto billing ?Thank you so much  
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