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I have exactly the same issue. Why would this happen. Why would these things in the footer replace my main page title as if shopify intentionally is making our stores to drop off the face of the earth. This will completely obliterate any google ranki...
check if you have placed it in the correct place. Also I forgot to mention you need to have Quick Add enabled on every page for it to work.This you need to do in the theme editor.
here is an update version of the code: in code editor open the file card-product.liquid and find the following line<divclass="card__inner {% if settings.card_style == 'standard' %}color-{{ settings.card_color_scheme }} gradient{% endif %}{% if card_p...
I would greatly appreciate if we get the option to create a collection of specific variants of product even if we have to manually select the variants.Far too many people are looking for variants collections and discounts on variants so if we can cre...
Same issue here. Happens both on Safari and Chrome. I use passkey to login and had no issues before but now it does not matter how I login it's always the same. Instead of improving Shopify is getting progressively worse 
add the following code in card-product.liquid under the div class= Card-inner: <modal-opener data-modal="#QuickAdd-{{ }}"><buttonid="{{ product_form_id }}-submit"type="submit"name="add"class="quick-add__submit-image"aria-haspopup="dia...
I have the same issue with our store.I have tried reconnecting my PayPal account but the problem still persists.   
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