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Bio: I'm Henry, currently taking on the role of Marketing Manager for Fordeer products. I have been in the e-commerce industry for 6 years and I believe my...

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I can't see the URL you sent, please send me your Store URL so I can check the errors you are getting.
Hey @koikoi01 Your requirements can be completely used using the Fordeer Invoice order printer app, Invoice application not only supports you in after-sales work, but you can completely track the entire customer order process as well as email automat...
Official non-Shopify websites are completely scams, be careful when visiting links like these.
Hey @MysMer_Dom As far as I see apps like: Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify, Pre‑Order Now WOD and an app install can handle this problem.Feel free to discuss if I've made suggestions that aren't good enough.
I will not give detailed suggestions on how your Store page should be edited.I will give my opinion on a sales page:- Store page must be personalized according to the product as well as customer insight- The Store page generates conversions: here are...
Very complete answer, thank you for the assistance.
Hey @kgamboz Your problem can be solved using the Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer application.- Print multiple invoices at the same time- Track order and delivery journey by email automatically sent to customers- Many other features to support sales a...
hey @AlphaPrime Try changing devices when adding your paypal payment method eg: using laptop, mobile devices, 4-5g connection, or you change IP to be added successfully.Here are a few examples I recommend.Looking forward to hearing from you
hey @yeetkickshop Take a screenshot of the problem you are having.There are many reasons for not being able to create an order- Because the product is out of stock in the Product section- Due to wrong setting....
hey @Natic Your problem almost everyone encounters when starting to fill out the information on the Store (usually Freelancers)Visit: https://help.shopify.com/en/support/loginLive chat and you'll get the most professional support from Shopify.
Hey @Balazs98 To have a better view of your problem, I can know the page you are building, I have worked as a page builder app developer before and I can totally help you with this problem.Also you can ask Ecomposer to assist you
Hey @Romit The problem of adding wrong Paypal payment information is a common problem.Our handling:You can add a mobile or Desktop payment method, and proceed to the next stepsPaypal has 2 forms, personal and business: for some reason you are locked,...
Hey @Silverskin You can ask the customer to re-order and add the code >> will stop the payment errorOr notify the customer to return to the cart, proceed to order and add the codeThe reason may be that the customer placed an order and it took a while...
Hey @Youngload_clo You use other payment gateways and wait for the payment area upgrade to the country you are living in.There are many other countries that are having the same problem as you.
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