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Thanks that's helpful to know but not quite what I was after.  I was hoping it would be possible for this to be automatic, we have 100s of products so I wanted staff to be able to add their products to basket, apply a discount and Shopify automatical...
Thanks for your reply. To confirm, I'm not looking to prove a % discount like I would for customers. I am looking for a way that staff can buy at cost price  For example lets say I have the following products; Product 1 (Cost per item £80, Sell price...
Hi, we run a store that we will soon be migrating to Shopify. As one of our perks to our staff we allow them to purchase products at cost price and currently we have to manually invoice them and manually remove stock which is tedious. I'm hoping ther...
I'm using the theme "Warehouse". We are using some images that look awesome on mobile and desktop screen.  But it seems like when It's viewed on different screens (resolutions and screen sizes) it zooms in on some of the images resulting in cutting o...
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