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This must be added in your announcement bar code
Try to find input type="radio" and then add a class="{% for variant in product.variants %}{% if variant.available == false %} cross-mark{% endif %}{% endfor %} " and  This part put put on top of the section<style>.cross-mark:before { content: "x"; po...
Line height or letter spacing. I guess you mixed two things. The easy solution for this is make all the elements in Assets - base.css h1,h2,h3,h4,h4,p,div,span {line-height: 150% !important; }You can change the percentage accordingly. Was my reply he...
For achieving this, I just you few methods 1. Create a different collection in templates and only assign this collection to the template.2. You can also use collection metafields3. Add a if else statement with{% if collection.handle == 'Accessories' ...
There is no direct solution for this, first you need to find where the swiper slider code is written, then after only you able to modify it. the code is kind of similar - <script>var swiper = new Swiper(".mySwiper", {slidesPerView: "auto",centeredSli...
you need to put this in just one section, which is product.liquid or some thing similar. In that also you have to figure out where the variants are loading. 
The above code goes in the product section, where the variant  is loading. you can add the style part on top of the section.
Add this loop in variant class - {% for variant in product.variants %} {% if variant.available == false %} cross-mark{% endif %} Then add the style .cross-mark:before { content: "x"; position: absolute; top: 5px; right: 5px;  color: black; }{% endfor...
Most of the time themes use some kind of libraries for the slider feature. First you need to find out, which slider your theme is using then just type the library name and your problem in google. You'll definitely get some suggestions. 
If you are familiar with HTML & CSS you can copy the code from the website you have screenshot from by using dev tools.
For this you need to update the css  of the smaller setting.
I'm a developer. Yes we can change count with weight and we can also add the quantity selectors. What theme you are using?
Hi Paul, I'll be happy to help you for changing logo on different templates
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