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Hi it was in one of the previous chats, password: pis
okay thanks, last try KHGdevelop
Can anyone else help? password: pis is this what you are looking for?
Sorry my webside is still under preparation and not released yet - so I am not sure what else url you need.
Hi thank you very much for your support. I tried your script, but is unfortunately changes the right side "about us" text block" and not the left side.' Can I ask you two minor questions?- if you have selected an area in a theme e.g the left side tex...
Hi again, thank you very much for your suggestion, but it was not what I meant. Your solution changes the view of the variants. What I need is to add more pictures from different angles of the first item (the big picture) and not the variants.
I have two request for changes and need support. As standard RIDE Theme is set up, as only one product picture can be shown, which means it cannot show the product in more angles. Do anyone know how to change this?  As standard RIDE also have the lan...
Hi someone I need to change the text size (not scale) in the text boxes in the "Ride" Theme. I have attached a file, where you can see, that the text to left, needs to be modified so it looks like the text, under "About Us".Can someone tell me how to...
 Hi allI am at designing my first webshop in shopify basis - I only have a few items to initiate the selling with and therefore I do not expect much sale in the beginning. But one this annoys me since I cannot find a solution. How is the easiest way ...
I am new - I have just added shopify payment to my webside - but is does not work. Any good ideas? When I come to payments, it states, that I cannot receive payments for this store. Thanks in advance 
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