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Hey Don,Thank you, but unfortunately I have tried everything i could find. I need to be a registered business to use the Third Party merchants that you provide, which sucks as a starting business.  Wondering if anyone has a trick up their sleave or d...
Hi all,So i ran into a bit of a pickle with my store, I operate in UK and some parts of the EU. I found out that Shopify payments wont accept C*D/VAPE products so now I'm trying to find a third party gateway. Problem is, that im just starting off and...
Hi, i will send you a link to the store and password  thank you
Hi Unfortunately this is not a 2.0 theme so the filters dont work. I tried to install this all, but it doesnt work not the option of collections is in there. This is dafault on my page and no option to remove it.
Hi,I'm struggling to find where i can remove the Collections filter - box on the Default Collections page, the theme that im using doesn't give me the option to remove it from the view. Its a tad difficult to explain but screenshot below should expla...
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