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Hi Sahil,Thanks for your help!- we are on the Plus plan. Can you let me know where I would find this inthe code?- it's definitely not in the language editor for some reason - the searchonly brings up a different "shipping not available" for a differe...
Taste Theme We have multiple stores and a main warehouse.  We ship online orders from the warehouse but allow pickup orders for the stores.  The stores do not have shipping rates which allows customers to place pickup orders online.BUT store inventor...
Theme: Taste We have two stores and one warehouse.  I have removed shipping rates for the two stores but they "fulfill online orders" to enable pickup.  BUT store inventory now makes products appear in stock for online orders that we fulfill from the...
Thank you Very appreciated!
archetype motion theme I would like to change the Nav Menu colour on my homepage ONLY. Current image on homepage renders dark blue font hard to read.  I would like to change it to: #FFF2C4  
Thank you!!I should've come straight here for help instead of wasting 2 hours of time.
I am trying to change the colour of my Nav Menu font to a darker colour.  The light colour is hard to see with the current picture I have behind.  I think I had changed it by editing the code from a dark colour to a light colour when it was a differe...
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