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In order to unlock the setting, you need to click the Edit button in the top right of the screen.   Once you've done that, the To: line should unlock, and you can change the selection.  
You can still send an email manually, it's just done differently now.   See here for more info.
If you click into the workflow runs, do you see where the run terminated?  Did it get to the send marketing email step?
This option is only available for the abandoned checkout automation.
Thanks for sending this.    So in the email editor (if you were to click Edit email) from your second screenshot), if you then click Edit, do you see the option to change the To: line to All customers?   Doing this tells Shopify Email to send to cus...
Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the workflow, and the email setup in the Send marketing email action step?   You can also privately message me if that's easier.
If this is still happening, I'd really love to help get it fixed for you.Were you able to change the setting, and you're still seeing this?
For abandoned checkout specifically, nothing has changed between the new automation, and the "legacy" ones in terms of this setting, it's just done from different places now.    In both cases you have the option of sending to all customers, or only t...
Are you able to see what the actual error is?
It is definitely a bit confusing!  Let me know if you have any issues, but hopefully you can get it working the way you need.
Your screenshot shows an Abandoned Cart template.  This only works for the Abandoned Checkout template.   Abandoned Cart is not the same as Abandoned Checkout...Cart is what is created before a customer gets to the Checkout, and requires marketing co...
No problem, let me know if you still have issues.
Did you click Edit from the top right?
For Abandoned Checkout, you can change this setting, as I mentioned in my reply above.   For Abandoned Checkout, you are able to change the settings in the email editor through the step in the marketing automation workflow (click on the Send marketin...
There are limitations to the abandoned cart (different then checkout) and product browse, which are documented here.   Do you see any information in the run history (View recent activity button on the automation results/summary page)?
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