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Hello! I want to create 2 full width images and I want both of them have different links. I do it with Image banner and tried to find solution, but I found code only for 1 whole link for 2 pictures, ...
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Hello @magecomp I did it, but it still shows me Email is invalidThough I commented all the code with email
Hi everyone!I'm using Dawn theme and I want to remove Email input from the contact form. I removed this part of my code in contact-form.liquid file:<div class="field field--with-error"><inputautocomplete="email"type="email"id="ContactForm-email"class...
Hello everyone! I'm using dawn theme and want to use Collapsible content section. But I wanna make it in 2 columns. I understand that I need to use code for it, but don't know what code exactly. I tried to put some code.collapsible-content__grid--rev...
Hello @GemPages I put this code, but it just looks like menu and it's not animated. But I need it to be animated - always running. Is it possible to do it?
Hi everyone!I'm using Dawn theme and I want to know, is it possible to make a running line on the page? *something like this 
Hello everyone!I have a website https://checkinsea.global/  (not on Shopify) and I created a landing page on the Shopify, that has to be as a subdomain of main site (like ckeckinsea.global/membership). Is it possible to do it? And how? 
Hi @nick00979 But I don't have "theme.scss.liquid" file in Assets and I don't find "theme.scss.liquid" file anywhere.
Hi!I want to put 3 social media icons in my footer (instagram, facebook and youtube). What code do I have to use to do it? And also, how can I make my header look like this? Like I put my logo in the center, and now all my menu items are on the left,...
It works! Thank you! 
@LitCommerce Hi!Now it displays like this (pic 1)But I'd like to do it like this (pic 2).
@LitCommerce Yeeees, it works, thank you!And is it possible to make these pictures with full screen width?
@harivishwakarma How can I make it? I'm not really good at coding For example, here is the code (I put it in Assets > section-multicolumn.css and paste this at the bottom of the file) .multicolumn-card__image-wrapper { position: relative; } .multic...
Hi everyone!I use Dawn Theme. I added multicolumn section and wanted to put heading and link directly over the image and I found solution here how to do it. But when I put the required code - it applies to all multicolumn sections that I have on my s...
Hello @LitCommerce I'm doing the same thing now, but I have several multicolumn sections on one page and when I add this code it applies to all these sections, but I need to do it only for one particular section. How can I make it? 
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