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Appreciate you, it worked just fine
Hey, how you doingI would like o align the menu buttons all the way to ther borders rigth now it looks like this: I would like it to look like this: this the link:  
Hey, how are you?I need the banner on my product page not to change sizes between desktop and mobile, i need them to look the same in both since tha banner we designed doesn't work on the cropped mobile version. Here is how its working now:          ...
How Much would it cost? 
I would like to unify my header as one, now as you can see below, my header is devided in two "bars" top one with login and cart and the second one with menu and search icon.I would like to bring both options on top to stay beside the search Icon, li...
I would like someone to take a look at my site and give me advice on what i can improve, I have problems with user dwell time and it bothers me, I have tried to solve this but it never improves.
Hello good afternoon!I would like to know how I resize my blog page, I tried uploading in JPG but the page looks centralized and I would like the image to occupy the entire page, as if it were a landing page, would?Awaiting return. From This To This ...
Hello, I would be very grateful if somebody could help me with getting banner resized for mobile. I want the mobile banner to be a zoomed in version of the desktop.The current size for the mobile version is 458x354px I would like it to be 458x729px c...
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