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This is doable but will require some simple CSS edits. I am guessing that you want the text to extend to the same width as the Shopify Planet Banner like so:  To accomplish this you'll need to navigate to "Edit Code" on the theme and open up the sect...
Is there any other liquid files under templates that begin with "product"? And is there any chance that this {% include 'customproductbuilder-initializer' %}Contains the duplicate? 
Just out of curiosity, are you able to remove it via the "Customize" tab? 
What file and folder is this from? <div id="shopify-section-product-template" class="shopify-section col-md-12 center-column content-without-background product-section-wrapper"> </div>  
Hi Hhonzell, It may be referenced on the parent page twice. It would look something like:{% section 'shopify-section-product-template' %}in the product.liquid template file if it is a section. What folder is the 'shopify-section-product-template' nes...
Hi MOISCHKOWITZ, I found that I had to make an alteration to your provided code above. Because the links created in Search Console for my client's site are not authentic, they navigate to the 404 page, even though the url contains "collection" or "ve...
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