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Hello Everyone, I have been using Express template in Node to create custom apps, but now, with the new Remix template, I cannot use the express template anymore, can anyone help? I ould not run Shopify app dev, etc anymore
I'm having the same problem, can a Shopify developer confirm that for me. I can't do anything in my express template now
this worked for me, thank you so much Fabiof4011
Hi Anand1212, thank for the reply, glad that I'm not the only one here
Thanks, I have spoken to Shopify Help Center. It seems that right now we can't test checkout ui extensions in the dev store, we can only preview it, but even if we install the app into the dev store, the extensions won't appear. We have to install th...
Hi everyone, I've created a custom app with Remix template, created a checkout UI extension, run npm run dev to preview on my Dev store and it worked perfectly, but when I deployed the extensions to the app and installed the app to my dev store(set a...
hi everyone, I'm working on a checkout extension to update the shipping address, and I came across this error, can anyone help here?
Thank you Liam for replying, here is my code:the version: "@shopify/ui-extensions-react": "^2023.7.0",import {  useShippingAddress,  useApplyShippingAddressChange} from '@shopify/ui-extensions-react/checkout';function App() {  const shippingAddress =...
Hello everyone, I tried to call a hook in a checkout UI extension and it returned this:Uncaught CheckoutUIExtensionError: You can only call this hook when running as a UI extension.Can anyone tell me what is going on? because I'm already in a checkou...
Thanks, Scott for replying, I have made the network denied error by restarting, but not when I fetch adminAPI, it returns a cors error. Can you help me with that?
hi yall, as the title said, when I want to send request using fetch to admin API or my server API, It gives me back "Uncaught (in promise) NetworkAccessDeniedError: permission to use fetch() must be specified under [capabilities] with flag "network_a...
hey yall, just like the title said, I don't know how to enable the saved addresses dropdown list in Shopify checkout. Can anyone help? any help is valued and appreciated. thanks
hello everyone, I need your guidance/advice on this issue. I have added a custom attribute to cart (<input type="hidden" name="attributes[Customer Name]" form="cart" value="">), created a checkout UI extension, got checkout attributes through standar...
Hello everyone, I don't know how to add styling to Checkout UI Component, or if its even possible? can anyone help?
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