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They sent me a video of fractional and composite products. Both do whatwe need. It's the X Version. What didn't work for you?
We dropped Shopify. Going to Lightspeed. They handle assemblies(composite products) and fractions easily. Their POS system is morerobust. Let's hope their integration with QB is as well.
Contact Steve Green.  He has the inside scoop on the versions of lightspeed that they don't necessarily tell you about (not sure why).  He's a wealth of information.  His phone # is (916)760-1688
I use QB POS Desktop (not sure if there is a cloud version). I just talkedto an independent consultant who said the only drawback is that it couldbecome unusable over time as it uses the .net microsoft updates - andsometimes those updates create prob...
I'm likely going back to Quickbooks POS since I already have a 3rd partymerchant service provider until I can figure out a solution.
I'm likely going to do the same.  Hiring an outside consultant who knows Shopify and Quickbooks to help me untangle this mess.  Good luck to anyone who has issues with shopify - getting competent support is another matter altogether!
Yes in their case POS doesn't mean point of sale!
I highly recommend  Cheapest rates I've found.  going back to QBPOS and using this company 
I'm in the same boat.  No fractional quantities and the "app" for that charges $30/month plus a per use fee and is so rudimentary to be ridiculous.  I also have the issue with Assemblies.  Have been spending hours and hours on Shopify's chats and jus...
I also have been in migration hell with "advisors" who don't seem to understand Shopify at all and the "specialized migration team" who know even less.  I get scripted responses that don't fix my issues.  Have even been told to contact Quickbooks whe...
Same is happening to me.  Did you find a solution.
No. Someone who created an app tried to sell it to me. This is basicinformation that we shouldn't have to pay extra for!
I can appreciate the extensive reporting I can get from Report-Pundit, I'm really looking for one very basic report that I feel should be a part of Shopify.  I have used Stripe in the past for payouts and get this information with the click of a butt...
I understand how to get to each Payout and view the transactions in each payment, but cannot figure out how to show the customer name on this list.  Without this, it is a bookkeeping nightmare for me?  I don't want to have to click into each Referenc...
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