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Hey everyone, How do I move the "Klarna" badge in my footer in-between the Afterpay symbol and the Amex symbol in the footer?I've attached a screenshot with a red arrow where I want the symbol moved to.  Please see my current footer.liquid code: <div...
Hey everyone, Seeing if anyone can help with the issue I'm facing with breadcrumbs. I need my breadcrumbs to follow the category and subcategory path. At the moment the breadcrumb's only show "Home" and (example) "Makeup Mirrors" (screenshot below)I ...
Hi everyone! Sorry, this has been the 4th time asking but I'm really struggling to find help in adding the "PayPal Pay in 4" function at checkout. Does someone have a step by step how to enable this in my shopify store? Unfortunately, no one at all s...
Hi @WebsitePandas  Thank you! This has been helpful.  I'm in Australia and I meet the eligibility criteria. On the PayPal's website it's saying people in Australia are eligible.  I still cant find the PayPal pay in 4 option in the "Alternative Paymen...
Hi everyone! I'm needing help in adding the "PayPal Pay in 4" function at checkout.  Does someone have an easy step by step how to enable this in my shopify store? I've looked for the topics on here but none of them actually explain how to do it  My...
@Simonsron  This worked!! Thank you so much. I hope you have a great day 
Hi @Simonsron  Unfortunately that didn't work.  Please see below:  This is the code I added:  <style>.breadcrumbs__item.breadcrumbs__link_n a{color:#000000;}.breadcrumbs {margin: 0 0 2em;} 
Hi @Simonsron Thank you, where do I place this code?
Hey everyone, How to I change the colour of the breadcrumb to black? Its currently blue  Store: https://meeko-8476.myshopify.comPassword: Meeko This is my breadcrumb coding below if it helps <style>.breadcrumbs {margin: 0 0 2em;}.breadcrumbs__list {l...
Hi everyone, I want to show the colour variants in the collections tab, so the customer doesn't have to go in to the product to see the types.  I've attached a screenshot of what I'm after below.  I'm hoping not to use a paid app to save money. Theme...
Hey everyone, I'm not sure how I have put these banners in, I'm just wanting them removed.They appear in each rich text box I create  Shop: https://meeko-8476.myshopify.comPassword: Meeko
Hi @EBOOST Yay that worked!!  Sorry how to I remove those 2 banners that are on the home page?  
Hi @EBOOST  Thank you so much for your reply. I added the above code, it's now showing this funny banner on the homepage And unfortunately it's still showing the name of the product in the breadcrumbs (Below) Do you know if there is a fix for these? ...
Hey everyone! I have 2 questions on how to fix my breadcrumbs.  1. My breadcrumbs shows the product name and not the collection it's in (Please see below)  2. Also, If you view the product off the landing page it doesn't show the collections it's in....
Hi @WebDeskSolution  When I go in to a product. It doesn't show the collection it's in, it just shows the name of the item (See below)  Also if I view the product off the home page it doesn't show the collection it's in. Compared to if I go through "...
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