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Hello, I uploaded a video in my product section. How can I make it play automatically? This is a link to my website and the product page I am referring to: https://mysippos.com/products/termo-chasha-pink-blush2 Thank you in advance. 
Hello, can somebody help me with changing the image on my image banner for desktop and mobile. I am attaching you picture of the 2 images, one is made for desktop and the other for mobile. Here is a link to my website: https://khi7hb8zdxva8nji-688505...
Hello, can somebody help me to place the text before image in sections image with text on mobile only.  https://khi7hb8zdxva8nji-68850549019.shopifypreview.com - Preview to my website Thank you!
Hello, I want to make the two buttons from the picture the same size. Can someone help me with that. This is a preview to my website: https://qpahibmlgjbieeq5-68850549019.shopifypreview.com  
Hello, can somebody help me with removing the underline from text with link. The text is in the footer.   This is a preview to my website: https://m4xlz33czkt8hp1n-68850549019.shopifypreview.com
Here but I think it's because of the image size I will change them and see if it's gonna work https://5q5b8kavegcyi6hx-68850549019.shopifypreview.com
Hello, can someone help me with making my image with text columns showing in one row on Dekstop and showing in 2 rows on Mobile. Thank you! https://5q5b8kavegcyi6hx-68850549019.shopifypreview.com
Thank you very much! It's exactly what I was looking for.
Hello, can someone help me with aligning text on the mobile banner to be bottom center. 
Hello, thank you for the answer. From where do you set up the "Image with text overlay"
I am trying to set up the Impulse theme and was wondering what size my website home page hero slide needs to be to not be cut off and super zoomed.I have tried the recommended impulse dimensions of 2880px x 1620 px and it zooms in.
Hello, did you find out what size the image should be, cause now I am having the same problem.
It's working, thank you very much for the help. Appreciate it. Have a great day!
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