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I can confirm this solution worked for me as well.What I experienced is that my phone device was removed from the recipients section, but after following the steps above, it appeared and it works now fine.
Hi, I am using Dawn theme 12.0.0I would like to make a page with 2 videos. One is a regular built-in video section with control over playing and pausing it. Other one is a custom liquid with loop, autoplay, nocontrol. The problem is when I start the ...
Hi @PageFly-Victor  I tried your code. It works fine, it displays different images for mobile and desktop.However the sizes are not optimized. It shows up crazy big. How can I set up the correct sizes?
Ok I found the problem. You can only change the To section in abandoned checkout autonomation template but I am using abandoned cart template which is more powerful imo. But I managed to workaround the issue by creating an abandoned checkout template...
Hi @Erin . I tried your suggestion, but for me the To section is completely blocked and cannot be configured. Am I missing something to change this option?   Best regards,Sebastian
Thank you Everyone. It works perfectly. Best regards,Sebastian
Hi, I have set up a style for content containers in the theme settings, it looks great however on 1 speicific section I don't like the way it looks.This section can be found on the home page.Is there a way to remove the grey borders for only this sec...
Hi, @PageFly-Victor  It works perfectly, thank you very much. Best regards,Sebastian
Hi, I am using mega menu on my main menu and would like to change the text color of the 1st level of the nested menus under the "Categories" to white. Can't seem to find a solution for it. My theme is Dawn 8.0.0.  URL: Eg...
Hey, @BSS-Commerce  Were you able to find a solution? Best regards
Hey @BSS-Commerce  Yes, sorry it starts with a capital EEgretta12345
Hey, I have a found a solution here: the problem is, its an older version of the dawn theme. Is there a way to make a similar one on 8.0.0? My website is: ...
Hi @PageFly-Richard  Amazing, works perfectly! Thank you.
Hey, Is there any solution for this in Dawn theme similar like here: 
Hi, Seems like for me the problem was on my paypal business account since it wasnt fully verified but paypal didnt say anything about that. I tried a test purchase and its working now.
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