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Im not sure. I followed the instruction below  from Shopify resourcesI couldn’t get passed the error code from #1 instruction.omepage quotesLast updated: Feb 21, 2019SectionsQuotes or testimonials are important because they allow merchants to build t...
I have tried every code listed on this topic of adding a testimonial section to dawn theme 8.0 and every time i add a code i get an error message. PLEASE HELP!below i have attached photo of error message
 thank you, that code worked for the collection page on mobile device. Now home paage is spaced and banner is shrunk. see above image
thank you, that worked for my collections page now all others are cropped
i dont see </head> in the liquid file. the only one i see is <head>i have attached photo
the code didnt work…The above pic is in landscape mode not portrait.
In collections when I click a product, the banner on mobile device is cut off. I have tried a few codes listed in the discussions but none are work. I am  using dawn theme.TIA
Thank you!…That worked. 
Try Colorpurple#1fave
I don’t have coding experienceThehandmadebar.comPass: Colorpurple#1fave@5656
There is a white space above footer on Dawn Theme. i have tried various codes and its still there.My page is not published as i have not launched my website yet.  Supposed to launch tomorrow but I’m not sure if payment /shipping page is set up correc...
Please disregard the above post. It worked!thank you very much!
 Thank you…This worked on two of the banners that were covered with white box.. but not on the last page. The checkbox was already off. I attempted to check it then off again and it’s still there.
My account is not published yet, so password is not enabled.
My store isn’t published yet. Can you advise on how to remove the white bar in the picture?Thank you! 
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