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Bio: I'm in charge of all graphic and web design/development for three companies in San Antonio, Texas. Currently managing: http...

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This started out as a small bug that was fixable by duplicating the item and deleting the original. But that's inconvenient. Now it's a widespread issue. Inventory is showing as committed for 100% fulfilled orders. Shopify staff: we need a fix for th...
I'm also having this issue. 
Zapiet ended up working up well enough with one of their more premium plans. Thanks!
Sup! I'm setting up a site for our manufacturing company and it would be really cool to be able to show wholesale customers the status of product batches on the front end of the site. Kind of like the Domino's pizza tracker but it will be public and ...
Hello! Straight up, I don't have a lot of experience working with APIs. I'm mostly a front-end developer. I'd like to send out an API call from Zapier to return a product based on the UPC. I'm definitely doing this wrong but here's what I set up:  An...
I've looked at this app! I'm not sure if geolocation will be ideal for us since all of our stores are generally in the same area of one city... but I'll give it a shot!
Hey all, I'm struggling a bit to engineer a solution for this one. Any insight or advice would be appreciated. Right now I'm working on an online store for 11 retail stores. We only need local pickup and delivery, no shipping whatsoever. The main pro...
This app is okay but not great. The cart error handling doesn't work well at all. I need an app that can prevent customer from checking out if their entire cart isn't available for pickup at any location. Also I'm unable to edit button text, input pl...
If this doesn't work, I recommend going to your theme editor, adding a "Custom Liquid" section into the header block, and pasting the following code:  <style> .section-template--21383141261628__cbd01b2f-2d65-4656-860b-8cdb4b4547c2-padding { backgroun...
This is a better solution than mine if you aren't afraid of going into your theme's files and snooping around! Just bear in mind that if you ever update your theme you will have to add this code to your theme files each time.
Ta-da! I did this with the following code:  .section-template--21383141261628__cbd01b2f-2d65-4656-860b-8cdb4b4547c2-padding { background-image: url(….jpg); background-size:cover; background-postition:cen...
Hey dude! I can try to help you. Can you share the URL for your site?
Signed. Absurd that this is only available on Shopify Plus.
Ah! Also.. you have to highlight text before you can click the link button! It converts existing text into a hyperlink. If you haven't tried that, let me know if it works!
Hey Debra! Well, that sucks. I'm not experiencing that issue on my store, but I can provide you with some code that might help. You can add links with HTML. To switch from the rich text to HTML view on blog posts, click the button that looks like thi...
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