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Hey! i want to be able to have multiple lines of text in the announcement bar. I do not want different "slides" rater something like the "after" in the image below:Shop: https://j0p8yyxkbjvvmchw-66895675693.shopifypreview.comDawn theme Please if you ...
is there a way to change the color of only the area within the red square? i want the part of the header outside of the square to be the current https://cyhh8eav6ridyrl8-66895675693.shopifypreview.comThanks!
Hey guys!I have added custom icons to our shop but for some reason the icons are missing on apple products. What I've done:Edited svg code in icon-cart-empty.liquidEdited svg code in icon-cart.liquidlastly added a snipped called icon-search.liquid wi...
Hey i can't get to change the search icon in header.liquidI tried pasting the SVG embed into the highlighted area but didn't work. Also tried changing the entire code between <svg and </svg.Too something like this:SHOP: https://993td55hj6675570-66895...
Worked like a charm  Thank you!
Although hard to see, the "add" button has a 1px thick outline which gets bigger when you hover.I want to remove the outline before and when hovering.This is possible within the "buttons" setting in the dawn theme but i want this setting to remain as...
Hey, and thank you for your response! I wasn't able to achieve the same look as you. (missing the blur effect)Any idea what might be wrong?
hey,  i would like to get a frosted glass looking effect on the container - containing the text and button.Like this: my shop: Thanks in advance!
Thank you for your response. Here's a new link:
I want to have to separate (and different) text bodies in the announcement bar as demonstrated in the image below. Shop: is this possible?Thanks
It worked!Thank you for your help 

Thanks, this worked!
Hey, trying to reduce the padding on the product cards for mobile. (reference image below) hopefully there's a good way to do this. Shop: Thank you! 
You're a legend  thank you!
I want the vendor and price text to be aligned vertically regardless of the product title.Hopefully the image below helps understanding what i mean. shop: is there a way to do this?Thanks  
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