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I started getting "session token is not valid" after I deleted my app then installed it again. Tried a whole host of changes and after hours didn't understand what the issue was. I implemented this and it's fixed it. Still don't understand what the c...
I managed to get it working through trial and error. Better documentation is needed on this kind of development. Hopefully the above helps others.
I have a react app which calls external api's and displays data to the user. It is currently installed on the merchants store and I thought there would be a setting or configuration in shopify admin to allow direct access to the app from the store bu...
For step 3 how does this apply if you have a custom app which is larger and frontend/backend. Surely you don't have this whole app sitting inside the extensions/src folder?
Could you provide a screenshot of the folder layout with files for the extension please?Also what do you mean by this "create a sibling folder next to your extension (I named mine "[extension-name]-dev"). This is where your react source code lives. Y...
Could you provide steps on how you achieved this please? 
I'm getting issues when building with webpack for certain scripts. Seems like I'm just constantly chasing different errors. Would it be easier to copy my app code into the extensions folder and effectively replicate the code?
Ok thanks for you reply, what's the purpose of the app root div should something in my app be targeting that? Also if you have any advise for packaging or refs to useful docs for setting this up that would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I have been stuck on this for some time. I have a custom shopify app which is deployed and working but I need to embed it in a theme extension so I can display it in the clients shopify store. What you have described above is for embedding a new ...
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